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Web Designing

For any organization having a website is one of the most basic requisite.

Web Development

Professionally designed informative website showcasing your products and services fastly.

E-commerce Development

The power of e-commerce, you can take your business from brick & mortar to a global platform.

Android Development

Picking the right approach to android development is a critical success factor that can make or break your project.

iOS Development

Picking the right approach to iOS development is a critical success factor that can make or break your project.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about Driving the right prospects to your website and booking engine is the central role of Digital Marketing.


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HTML 5 HTML Elements, HTML Tags, HTML Anchor Tags, Images, HTML List, HTML Table, HTML Form, HTML Events, Div & Span, Audio, Video tags, iFrame
CSS 3 CSS Selectors, Applying CSS (Inline, Internal, External), CSS Background, CSS Classes & ID, CSS Pseudo Classes
JAVASCRIPT JS Variables, JS Statements, JS Operators, JS Comparisons, JS if…else, JS Switch, JS Function
JQUERY Basic idea about jQuery, Advantage of using jQuery, Simple but essential application of jQuery, jQuery File Upload, Creating Picture Slider with jQuery, jQuery light box, Submitting forms with help of jQuery, Form Validation using jQuery
FUNCTIONALITY Responsive Web Designs Process
PROJECT TYPE Industrial Live Project (E-Commerce Projects Design, Social Apps Design, Portals Design)
FUNDAMENTALS Software Engineering Concepts, Basic of Designing, Web Programming, SQL Queries, OOP Concepts
PHP Introduction to PHP, PHP with Web Design, PHP Syntax, Variable in PHP, Expression, PHP Operators, Condition, Events, Flows, Loops, PHP Function, PHP Arrays, String Functions, Date & Time Functions, PHP Include File, HTTP Protocol, Header Function
DATABASE CONNECTIVITY DBMS & RDBMS Concepts, PHP & MySQL, MySQL Database & Queries, Connection to MySQL Database, Creating Database and Table in MySQL, MySQL Data Types, Database Terminology, PHP MySQL Insert into, PHP MySQL Select, PHP MySQL Where Clause, PHP MySQL Order by Keyword, Difference between Group By and Order By, Joins, PHP MySQL Update, PHP MySQL Delete From, Normalization Concept, Encryption & Securities
APPLICABILITY TO INDUSTRY STANDARDS PHP With MVC Architecture, OOP Concepts, File System and The Server, String Manipulation and Regular, Expression, PHP Sessions and Cookies, PHP File Handling, Files and Directory access, Reuse Code, Handling Emails, Ajax, Email & Security, Joins, XML, Photo Upload – Single & Bulk Upload in PHP, Excel File Upload in PHP, PDF Generation, Facebook Login Integration, Basic Website Securities like how to prevent SQL Injection
PHP PRACTICAL Creating User Login Form Using Database, Creating User Registration Form Using Database, Search Module, Creating Administrator for Website, Min Options in Administrator(Using Login, Registration, Authentication, Search, Edit & update & Delete Users & Data, Changing Content Dynamically), Real Time Project
FUNCTIONALITY Responsive Web Designs Process
PROJECT TYPE Industrial Live Project (E-Commerce Projects Design, Social Apps Design, Portals Design)
JAVA The JAVA & OPP Principles, The Java Buzzwords and Structure of Java Program, Writing and Executing Java Programs
OPERATORS Arithmetic Operator in Java, The Modulus operator in Java, Increment & Decrement Operator in Java, The Bitwise Operator in Java, Relational Operator in Java, Boolean Logical Operator in Java, Short- Circuit Logical Operator in Java, Assignment Operator in Java, The “?” Operator in Java, Operator Precedence in Java
OPERATOR INTRODUCTING CLASS IN JAVA Java Class, Declaring the Objects, Introducing Methods, Defining Constructors, The Keywords in Java, Garbage Collection in Java, Finalize () Method in Java
INHERITANCE Define inheritance basic, Member access and inheritance, A Super Class, variable and using Super, A second use of Super, Java Multi level Hierarchy, Method overloading and Abstract Classes
EXCEPTION HANDLING IN JAVA Exception handling principles, Types of Exception, Uncaught Java Exception, Using Java try and Java Catch, Multiple java catch, Nested try in Java, Throw in Java and Throw and Finally, Java Built-in Exceptions, Creating Own Java Exception Subclass
TOKEN OF JAVA Keywords and Identifiers and Constants, Variable and Data Types, Arrays
DECISION MAKING & LOOPING Decision Making Statements, Switch Statements, GOTO Statements, BREAK Statements, JUMP Statement and CONTINUE Statement, Looping Statements(For, While, Do…While)
METHODS AND CLASSES Overloading Methods, Overloading Constructors, Recursion, Nested and Inner Classes, Using Command Line Arguments
PACKAGES AND INTERFACES Packages, Finding Packages and Class Path, Access Protection, Importing Packages, Java Interfaces, Implementing Interfaces
MULTITHREADED IN JAVA The Thread Modal in Java, Thread Priorities, Synchronization, Messaging, Thread Class and Runnable Interface, Implementing Runnable, Creating Java Multiple Threads, Using in Java isAlive() and Java join(), Java Deadlock
FUNCTIONALITY Responsive Web Designs Process
PROJECT TYPE Industrial Live Project (E-Commerce Projects Design, Social Apps Design, Portals Design)
ANDROID Introduction to Android and History of Android, What is Android and its benefits?, Software Architecture of Android, Advantage of Android, Android Features, Android Tools
GETTING STARTED Installation & Configuration of Android, Step to create a New project, Creation of new AVD, Creating Run Configuration, Creating your first Android Activity, Running Your Application
INTRODUCTING TO APPLICATION COMPONENT Activity, Service, Broadcast receiver, Content provider, Intents, Notification, Brief idea about Manifest file and permissions
ANDROID COMPONENT LIFE CYCLE Activity life cycle with sample program, Service life cycle with sample program
ANDROID LAYOUTS What are views, Layouts and there classification? , How Android Draws views and Layout? , Table Layout in Detail with example, Tab layout in detail with example, Frame Layout in detail with example, Absolute Layout in detail with example, Linear Layout in details with example, Relative Layout in details with example
ANDROID VIEWS Grid View in detail with example, Map View in detail with example, Web View in detail with example, Spinner in detail with example, Gallery in detail with example, Different ways of creating views using XML
STYLES & THEMES Introduction to Styles and themes, Creating custom styles and themes, Different resources file location, Accessing resources, Accessing platform resources, Handling Runtime changes
WHAT ARE FRAGMENT? Multipane & Singlepane, Fragment life cycle, Addition of Fragments, Fragment working without UI, Dynamic UI using Fragment
INTRODUCTION TO MENUS Packages, Finding Packages and Class Path, Access Protection, Importing Packages, Java Interfaces, Implementing Interfaces
MULTITHREADED IN JAVA How to create Menus? , Types of Android Application Menus, Option Menu in detail with example, Context Menu in detail with example, Popup Menu in detail with example
INTRODUCTION TO DRAWERS Navigation Drawer, Simple Side Drawer, Tab Drawer, Extra Drawer
HANDLING USER INTERACTION EVENT Handling User events, Different type of event listener, OnClickO, OnLongClickO, OnFocusChaangeO, OnKeyO, OnTouchO, OnCreateContextMenuO, Different types of event handler, OnKeyDown (int, KeyEvent), OnKeyUp (int, KeyEvent), OnTrackballEvent (Motion Event), OnTouchEvent(Motion Event), OnFocusChanged(Boolean, int, rect)
CREATING DIALOGS Introduction to Dialogs, Showing and dismissing of Dialog boxes, Alert Dialog in detail with example, Progress Dialog in detail with example, Threading and handler
NOTIFICATION Notifying Users, Status Bar Notification, Toast Notification, Dialog Notification, Remote Notification
INTENTS, BROADCAST RECEIVER, ADAPTERS AND INTERNET Different types of Intents, Launching sub-activities, What is Intent Filter? , Intent Objects in details with example, Using intents to take pictures, Handling sub-activities results
DATA STORAGE Android techniques for data storage, Creating and Saving shared preferences, Retrieving shared preferences, Storing & loading from files, Storing in Database
WORKING WITH SQL LITE Introducing SQLite database, Working with Android databases, Using SQLite OpenHelper, Cursor and content values, Opening & Closing Database
WORKING IN BACKGROUND Introducing Services, Creating and controlling services, Registering a service in the Manifest, Starting, controlling, interacting with a service
USING THE CAMERA, TAKING PICTURES AND THE MEDIA API Controlling the Camera and Taking Pictures, Playing audio & video, Introducing the Media Player, Preparing audio for playback, Packaging audio as an application resources, Playing video using the video view, Recording audio & video, Adding new media to media storage, Inserting Media into Media Store
MAPS, GEO & LOCATION BASED Services, Using Location based services, Working with the location manager, Configure the emulator to test Location Based Service
CONTENT PROVIDERS What is content provider? , Creating content provider, Retrieving data using content provider data
WEB SERVICES WITH ARCHITECTURE What are webservices, Web service Architecture, Async Task, REST & SOAP, Parsing Technique JSON, XML, Consuming Web Services, CRUD operation over server
ASSIGNEMENT Real Life Project with Client Requirements
INTRODUCTION Swift: The Language of Apple Platforms, Object-Oriented Programming and Swift, Exploring the Swift File Structure, Control statements and loops in Swift
BASIC CONCEPTS OOPS & Memory management, Working with variables and constants, Alloc, Retain and Pass parameters in function, Managing memory & Auto release pool
XCODE Introduction to Xcode, Introduction to xcode and iPhone simulator, Creating and building simple applications, Delegation
iPHONE APPLICATION LIFE CYCLE Introduction to debugging & Life Cycle, Types of debugging and debugging preferences, Managing program execution, Setting and viewing breakpoints, Tracing the iPhone Application Life Cycle
EXPLORING INTERFACE BUILDER AND MVC Understanding Interface Builder, Understanding the Model-View-Controller, How Xcode and Interface Builder Implement MVC, Building Universal Applications
WORKING WITH TEXT, KEYBOARDS, AND BUTTONS Basic User Input and Output, Using Text Fields, Text Views, and Buttons, Displaying and dismissing of keyboard, Screen Orientations
USING ADVANCED INTERFACE OBJECTS AND VIEWS Using Switches, Segmented Controls and Sliders, Using Image View, Picker View, Web View and Scrolling view, Using Toolbar and Tab Bar, Using Advanced Touches and Gestures
GETTING THE USER's ATTENTION Using activity indicator, Generating Alerts, Using Action Sheets, Using Push Notification
WORKING WITH DATABASE Creating a database, Opening and closing a database, Working with Inserts, updates and deletes, Parse URL (XML and JSON)
DISPLAYING AND NAVIGATING DATA Understanding Table Views and Navigation Controllers, Using Custom Table View cell, Implementing File System Storage
BUILDING BACKGROUND-AWARE APPLICATIONS Using Task-Specific Background Processing, Completing a Long-Running Background Task, Timer Control, NSThread, NSOperation Queue
INTEGRATING WITH CORE SERVICES Using Task-Specific Background Processing, Playing Media (Audio and Video), Using the Photo Library and Camera
ASSIGNEMENT Real Life Project with Client Requirements
INTRODUCTION Understanding Digital Marketing, Importance of Digital Marketing, Tools of Digital Marketing, How Digital Marketing works
WEBSITE PLANNING & CREATION Understanding Websites, Importance of Websites, Essential of a Website, Planning of a Website, Professional Appearance, Different types of Websites, Multi Domain name Website & Marketing
  • Understanding Search Engine
A detailed study on What are Search Engine, How Search Engine Works? , Major Function of Search Engine
  • Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Introduction to SEO, Top Tools of SEO, Benefits of SEO, Understanding Online traffic & its kind
  • Keywords
Introduction to Keywords, Types of Keywords, Keyword Research process, Google Keyword planner tool, Understanding Keyword Mix
  • On Page Optimization
Keyword planning and Optimization, Content research, Planning & Optimization, Website plug-ins : Social Media Pages, FTP and its Function, Sitemap creation and submission, Internal Linking, Meta Tag Creation, Google Webmaster tool & Site Verification
  • Off Page Optimization
Domain Authority & its Optimization, Page Rank & its Optimization, Back Link & Link building, Off Page Optimization strategy
  • Local SEO
Introduction to Local SEO, Tools for Local SEO, Google Places Optimization
  • Creating SEO Strategy
Selecting right SEO tool, Monitoring SEO process, Preparing SEO Reports, Creating SEO strategy for your Business
SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SMM) Understanding SMO, Marketing on Social Networking Website,
Session-1 : Detailed discussion on Facebook Marketing
Session-2 : Detailed discussion on Twitter Marketing
Session-3 : Detailed discussion on Linkedin Marketing
Session-4 : Detailed discussion on Youtube Marketing
Viral Marketing, Creating Social Media Marketing
E-MAIL MARKETING Understanding E-Mail Marketing, Best Practice of E-Mail Marketing, Writing Quality creative E-Mail content, Using Software for Digital Marketing, Biggest challenge in E-Mail Marketing
ONLINE ADVERTISING Understanding Online Marketing and its types, Display Advertising : Banner, Rich Media, Popup Ads, Contextual Advertising : In-text, In-image, In-video ads, Tracking and Measuring ROI of Online Advertising, Creating Online Advertising Strategy
E-COMMERCE MARKETING What is e-commerce? , Studying e-commerce website and their features, Upcoming trends of e-commerce website, Building e-commerce marketing strategy
PPC CAMPAIGN Introducing to Google AdWords, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook and Bing Advertising, Keyword Research & Selection, Up Growing need of PPC Campaign in Digital Marketing, Understanding bidding & payments Module, Practical session on Google Adwords campaign
MOBILE WEB MARKETING Understanding Mobile Web Marketing, Fundamental of Mobile Web Marketing, Detailed discussion on advertising on Mobile, Target marketing on mobile through Apps, Location & Search Engines, SMS Marketing
BLOGGING & ADSENSE Understanding Blogs and their growing importance, Placing ads on your Blogs, Content Marketing
AFFILIATE MARKETING What is Affiliate Marketing? , 3 A’s of Affiliate Marketing? , History of Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Scenario in India, Different ways of doing Affiliate Marketing
GOOGLE ANALYTICS Google analytics and its Importance, Setting your website with analytics, Google Analytics Fundamentals, Tracking Website performance through Google Analytics, Monitor visitor behavior and traffic source, Tracking regular corrective action to enhance website performance
CREATING DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY Understanding Digital Marketing Mix, Creating Digital Marketing Strategy using different digital tools, Tracking strategy and Upgrade it when required, Practical 3-4 session : Creating Digital Marketing strategy for different range product
LEAD GENERATION FOR BUSINESS Understanding how to use Digital Marketing for Business Lead Generation, Creating Leads nurturing strategy, Step in Lead nurturing, Converting leads to Sales
LEAD CONVERSION PROCESS Selecting right tool for communication with buyer, Offering product & services, Sampling, Negotiation, Meeting (if Required), Terms & Condition finalization, Submission of Invoice, Payment follow ups, Follow ups for repeat business
EMAIL ETIQUETTE Brief description of Email Etiquette, Importance of Email etiquette, Writing business emails, other interactive mails day to day, Best business communication practice
ASSIGNEMENT Real Life Project with Client Requirements

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The BackBone of tomorrow will continue to focus on people, process and technology. We understand that our core pillars of software development, digital marketing and website design will continue to evolve. Software development now includes custom software development, enterprise mobile applications, online collaboration platforms, and digital learning solutions. This means that even more expertise is required to stay on top of technology trends as we continue to operate in a global economy.
At BackBone, today we are more than just a technology business. Having been in the technology space for more than 10 years, we understand that what matters most is to firstly understand you and your business. That is why our approach starts with people. Once we understand you and your people we can then start to align smart technology that will transform your business.
For BackBone, yesterday was 10 years ago, when we were founded in Jaipur, India. Our core services were, and still are, software development, digital marketing and website design. Like most Indian technology companies that have been around since the early 2007’s, BackBone understands that technology has become a permanent feature in every business.
At BackBone, we partner with you to drive digital transformation that will power efficiency, drive growth and build credibility for your business. We do this by partnering with you to deliver smart technology solutions that are aligned to your specific business needs.

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